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The Ugly Reality of Storm Damage In West Tennessee

Here's an example of the cruel reality that is storm damage. Aside from the obvious structural damage, it's what's on the inside that can be devastating to a homeowner. In the photo, you can see that there's debris everywhere. From fallen tree limbs to insulation from the attic, this family's furniture and belongings were also damaged. But there's still something you don't see...water. Rarely does the rain stop falling immediately after a severe storm or tornado and sadly, the large hole in the ceiling and roof of this home allowed it to pour in. Luckily, SERVPRO has the equipment and expertise to save many of the items that the homeowner may have lost otherwise. We work with your insurance company to get you back "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of Chester, Hardin, Henderson and McNairy Counties today! 731-983-0883

What fire damage looks like

This image shows exactly what real fire damage looks like. Notice the blackened walls and floors, along with the dust (soot) covering everything. Luckily, no one was injured in this fire, but the damage to the home and belongings is extensive. When you have a fire in your home, it can be overwhelming and definitely upsetting. SERVPRO can help you navigate by working with your insurance company and coordinating all the tasks involved in fire restoration. From the water damage caused by putting out the fire, to the cleaning of your personal possessions, SERVPRO of Chester, Hardin, Henderson and McNairy Counties is available 24 hours a day at 731-983-0883. Call us today!

We can clean cigarette smoke residue

Our client purchased this previously smoked-in home and wanted to get rid of the residue and odor. Notice the section above the door showing the before condition. Our SERVPRO heroes were able to remove the nicotine stains, clean the ductwork and run our ozone machine for the odor. The homeowner was delighted with the results and is excited to make this home his own, and smoke-free! If you've recently quit smoking, or maybe you bought a home from a smoker, call us today to schedule services! We can restore your home to a smoke-free status at very reasonable rates! 731-983-0883

NOT what you want to see when you walk in the door!

Our customer was not expecting to need a raft when he walked in to work on this particular morning, but he called SERVPRO of Chester, Hardin, Henderson and McNairy Counties right away. We began the drying process immediately and got this church back in order in time for Sunday service. Call the SERVPRO heroes today at 731-983-0883. We're here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Trash Removal? Why, yes we can!

The homeowner was completely overwhelmed with the conditions she found at this property. SERVPRO of Chester, Hardin, Henderson and McNairy Counties was happy to assist. Sometimes the only way out is through, and we worked our way through the entire house. The owner was pleasantly surprised that we were able to clear out the entire house within a few days.